Child Athletes Falling Down FAILS Supercut

Posted on 06. ago, 2012 by in Caidas, Chorradas, General

Be sure to check out this week’s episode of KLOL in all of its epic glory: More K-LOL: FAIL Blog (website): FAIL Blog (Facebook) Cheezburger (Facebook):

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20 Comentarios en “Child Athletes Falling Down FAILS Supercut”

  1. OWJuggalo dice:

    For just pennies a day you can help other children with mental disabilities like these.

  2. playnite dice:

    they died after the video i know

  3. agahajak dice:


  4. DrJuan74 dice:

    R.I.P to all those Kids

  5. MrPouczar dice:

    did he died?

  6. jungleman68 dice:

    lol stupid kids

  7. 670chris076 dice:

    keep the dislike and like bar the same!!

  8. Nudelsalatbomber dice:

    the last one was a real fuzz. he spoiled the heck out of the viewer, and than he just sat down. LMAO.

  9. BushnoSkillzz dice:

    how did this get so many dislikes

  10. Morabix dice:

    This video has many “dislikes” because people do not like to see others suffer or fail. Even more, when they are children.

  11. RexR20 dice:

    Name of the song please ?

  12. henrikjanssonjansson dice:

    So say the little kid with the ball is still practising…

  13. trikalaalex dice:

    Not sure if this is like-dislike bar
    Or all people are portuguese

  14. evy1971 dice:

    this is not funny!!!

  15. Genisbixx dice:

    Zombie lol 0:16

  16. MrDeathtaco dice:

    that joke makes as much sense as your username

  17. TheFunnyGUYryan dice:

    legend has it that failblog was once funny.

  18. 9820iht dice:

    I have to open some more youtube accounts for clicking the dislike button

  19. deathsoap dice:

    wtf with this music sounds like some bad shit is going down!!

  20. xTheeAlmightyx dice:

    Because it wouldn’t be funny if it didn’t XD

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