FAIL Blog: Dirt Bike FAIL

Posted on 28. nov, 2011 by in Caidas, Chorradas, General

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21 Comentarios en “FAIL Blog: Dirt Bike FAIL”

  1. bikerbob951 dice:


  2. puiselo dice:

    @Alexgotnicebody accident = fail dumbass

  3. BlatentBagel dice:

    I like how the ad at the bottom is for back pain relief, lol

  4. TheNextInvention dice:

    @Alexgotnicebody thx for checking out my channel bro. really means alot to me. just for that ill cancel my plane ticket to california. good day sir.

  5. kGinqer dice:

    i love trolling on Failblog..

  6. DidHeDied dice:

    remember me? :(

  7. Alexgotnicebody dice:

    @cbeckett22 not really. like i said, an accident is when something happened that you didnt expect. but a fail is when you TRY TO DO something (probably something stupid) and it didnt go right, like you got hurt or someone else did.

  8. iLoveYoutuveVideos dice:

    TopGoldVideos is the new shit, failblog is dead

  9. stupidthinglim dice:

    he probably means the guy reversing =.=

  10. rsw663 dice:

    @DidHeDied Fucking lol it’s you again!!!!! It’s funny because you think everyone remembers you still! Oh wait i guess i remember huh…..well that’s ironic lol.

  11. TheAAbck dice:

    fail blog is a fail

  12. olik94 dice:

    hey can you look at this video its on my channel for a fail! :L

  13. byHANDtires dice:

    remmber me ? I HAVE PORN -

  14. TheNextInvention dice:

    @Alexgotnicebody yeah do u have the money and the time to fly to illinois just to kill a kid because of a youtube argument? LOL

  15. thejonnyjonjonster dice:

    that’s why I ride the vet track :)

  16. FlatBlackBurb dice:

    not a fail… accident. it happens in dirtbiking anyone who rides and watches this will know it wasnt a fail

  17. funnyman14691 dice:


  18. cbeckett22 dice:

    @Alexgotnicebody All fails are accidents, they don’t do it on purpose.

  19. ZoidTheMaster dice:

    @Alexgotnicebody But aren’t fails and accidents the same thing?

  20. Alexgotnicebody dice:

    @TheNextInvention i wasnt checking out your channel for you benefit. i was checking your age, moron. yeah i thought you would chicken out.

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