FAIL Blog: Leap Frog FAIL

Posted on 03. nov, 2011 by in Caidas, Chorradas, General

Surprise buttsecks! Check out our new Wheels of FAIL playlist! Click here to get all your bike, skateboard, and scooter FAILS!

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20 Comentarios en “FAIL Blog: Leap Frog FAIL”

  1. Thermalburn dice:

    every time they show a video that takes place in eastern europe, its always; cloudy, dark, wet, muddy and damp. what a terrible place to live…

  2. cotuzzTom dice:

    ngu như con bò !

  3. hollisprophet dice:

    THIS bitch sound like a squeeky toy, LOL

  4. joman33333 dice:

    surprise but sex!!

  5. jonhamsjohnham74 dice:

    This is why russians arent allowed to have fun.

  6. TheRemakersIreland dice:

    In soviet Russia, leap frog fuck you! :3

  7. sniffinss dice:

    conseguiu fazer o impossível

  8. 26libertarian dice:

    In soviet Russia . . . Oh fuck it, can’t be bothered.

  9. RideTheSmurfFTW dice:


  10. AllGrownUpSteph dice:


  11. DaBeastyDemon dice:

    THIS.. IS.. SPARTA(rape)

  12. Billym247 dice:

    Haha she forgot to press x!

  13. ZenBeaTzz dice:

    @aKnifeOnRs its surprise buttsex???

  14. morigator dice:

    press 4 for anal penetration

  15. vlogblog101 dice:


  16. technodude24 dice:

    i bet his butt hurts now.

  17. TheGamerFromMars dice:

    Click 1 for “Deer By You”

  18. xVoodeedoox dice:

    @yognaut619 CANNOT BE UNHEARD

  19. AlongSamXiong dice:

    surprise but sex!

  20. ozymay dice:

    Extreme Butt sex

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