FAIL Blog: Tiny Jump FAIL

Posted on 16. ene, 2012 by in Caidas, Chorradas, General

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20 Comentarios en “FAIL Blog: Tiny Jump FAIL”

  1. trudog7 dice:

    @speedplane1 no1 cares it makes for a good video

  2. HYeahMFr dice:

    that kid’s parent’s should be shot for letting him be so fat, at least he has friends

  3. Gomas03 dice:

    Another one bites the dust

  4. talktomebitch905 dice:

    is the bike okay?

  5. djsommer74 dice:

    Free willy fell off his bike.

  6. teigo15 dice:

    Fatty Down Fatty Down CALL KFC CALL KFC!!!!
    Fetty needs assistance!!!

  7. speedplane1 dice:

    The reason he fell is because the handlebars were loose. He might of landed it if they were tighter.

  8. hansahmed6950 dice:

    Finally! An “amusing” video from failblog :)

  9. jbabie92245 dice:

    His fat absorbed the fall

  10. TheGagileo dice:

    Gravity always wins.

  11. capricorn275 dice:


  12. MrFerrarison dice:


  13. ThaNiiiklas dice:

    It’s funny because he’s fat :)

  14. YungReeseRSN dice:

    Lmfao Guess He Thought Fat People Could Fly…#MajorFail Lolololol
    Visit My Channel I Have Some Awesome Videos

  15. MeatyGuys dice:

    איך עסן דילדאָעס

  16. Gearlan92 dice:

    i saw a fat guy down in the thumbnail, and knew i had to watch this

  17. elphaphoenix dice:

    Top comment is in Chinese o_0 THIS VIDEO DOES NOT HAVE A SINGLE WORD OF CHINESE. MiNd bL0wN

  18. wickeddTRINIqallis dice:


  19. EndokukenHD dice:


  20. ShredderH dice:

    Make the fat kid so it lol, u bastards :D

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