FAIL Blog: Troll Dad FAIL

Posted on 03. nov, 2011 by in Caidas, Chorradas, General

Troll Dad, scarring his daughter and his face for life. Check out our new Wheels of FAIL playlist! Click here to get all your bike, skateboard, and scooter FAILS!

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20 Comentarios en “FAIL Blog: Troll Dad FAIL”

  1. beattielol dice:


  2. lobster3600 dice:


  3. ChivasBarcelonaMex dice:

    @guitardemon177 plz stfu…thank you

  4. ThePurpPuffer dice:

    i thought he meant to fall

  5. skyrider3 dice:

    meth is a hell of a drug..

  6. arak2004 dice:

    There’s no way that your user name can be linked to your ip address, resulting in your house being raided to get to your supplier. No way in hell. Keep posting….good work!

  7. beattielol dice:

    that would be a hard thing to explain to the doctor

  8. rooster5man dice:

    Why am I laughing at the slomo version more than regular speed…Dude should’ve gone behind the porch, she was right there XD

  9. guitardemon177 dice:

    No its true this is really fake why would they just hang up a camera in plain site obviously she would see a fucking camera just sitting there and the dad didn’t even say anything when he hit the ground he was just acting

  10. guitardemon177 dice:


  11. snk07 dice:

    Keep press 7 to see a fish

  12. ThePurpPuffer dice:

    @guitardemon177 So true

  13. baez550 dice:

    “Are you crying?” LOOOOL!

  14. Kileafivetwo dice:


  15. Bamkoed dice:

    @Snapbacksorgohome Your gay, dont go on the computer when your high. Take a walk, go for an adventure. Stoner.

  16. RadioNuiPek dice:


  17. drizzle1226 dice:

    1. go to google
    2. search “shes a dumbass”
    3. click on the first link

  18. Snapbacksorgohome dice:

    @wachtwoord1 hahahahaha dude im so high and your comment made me laugh soo hard

  19. xRedWombat dice:

    more like Fail to scare to kitchen

  20. Angrycodplayer dice:

    he left the side of his face on the floor there

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