Win! : Sky Lantern World Record – Iasi, Romania

Posted on 18. jun, 2012 by in Caidas, Chorradas, General

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20 Comentarios en “Win! : Sky Lantern World Record – Iasi, Romania”

  1. 5heikYerbouty dice:

    Was organized by the local fire departement.

  2. 5heikYerbouty dice:

    They fail at failing, so I guess it’s the ultimate failblog.

  3. Kyon871 dice:

    Oh :(

  4. senoctar dice:

    These are made from paper that doesn’t catch fire, but still fire is a danger so the fire department was on alert. Fortunately nothing bad happened.

  5. DigitalXAlpaca dice:

    it says win!

  6. VideoMarshian dice:

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  7. upjohn55 dice:

    so where is the fail/funny part?FAILBLOG REST IN PEACE….

  8. roudyroy1 dice:

    look at the title you dunce

  9. 80tink dice:

    I was waiting for a mass fire or explosion…. what a let down.

  10. zealzee dice:

    lol its not supposed to be a fail,i think theyd fall down bedore they get that high to reach ozone lol

  11. Fl1pFl0p22 dice:

    Where is the fail ? I find it beautiful.

  12. Mooska dice:

    It’s at the part where you didn’t read this was a win.

  13. s6pd dice:

    I was going to comment on the title, “Win! : ” …then I remembered all you people who comment on youtube aren’t exactly into the whole “reading” thing.

  14. FilipinoGirl911 dice:

    i know right!?!??!!? wtf

  15. Enzoskateboard96 dice:

    emmm… where,re the fail?

  16. cheech85086 dice:

    If this is why we’re having all these wild-fires…im gonna be pissed, lol.

  17. FreaaqKill dice:

    lol. it would be fail , if all of them exploded :D

  18. 9820iht dice:

    it is a fail coz its gonna burn the O Zone

  19. senoctar dice:

    The event lasted a bit after the sun set, but yeah, it’s a real shame most of the sky lanterns were launched during twilight.

  20. PixelPuncha dice:

    Someone is going to find a lot of shit in their backyard!

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